Deposit insurance Brazil

What is the limit of value guaranteed by FGC?

The limit value, per institution, is R$ 70,000.00 (seventy thousands reais) per deposit holder or investor, independent of the total value and distribution of the deposit and investment





Since the 90's, the global trend has been the establishment of formal deposit guarantee systems. The rationale behind this trend is authorities' increasing concern with the stability of the financial system. This is reflected in the implementation of additional instruments for monitoring and control, as well as the consequent creation of system protection networks. Ultimate instance loans, efficient regulation and supervision, appropriate legal structures and direct protection to depositors through a guarantee system, are elements of this network designed to maintain a solid, healthy banking system.
Which of my credits are guaranteed by Fundo Garantidor de Créditos - FGC?

As determined by Resolution 3,400 of setember 6, 2006: the following credits are duly covered by the guarantee granted by the FGC:
demand deposits or deposits drawn on prior notice;
deposits in current accounts of deposits for investments;
savings accounts deposits;
time deposits, with or without the insuance of certificate;
deposits in accounts not drawable, by means of checks and which are used for the registration and control of flows of funds for the purpose of paying salaries, wages, retirement payments, pension payments and other similar obrigations;
bills of exchange;
real estate bills;
mortgage bills;
real estates credit bills.

The following itens are not covered by the guarantee
deposits, loan or any other resources collected or raised abroad;
operations related to program of government interested institued by law;
judicial deposits;
time deposits authorized to complete Level II of the Referency Equity(PR), as set forth under Resolution 2,837 dated May 30, 2001.







List of Bank in Brazil

Banco ABC Brasil S.A.
Banco Alfa S.A.
Banco Alvorada S.A.
Banco Banerj S.A.
Banco Bankpar S.A.
Banco Barclays S.A.
Banco BBM S.A.
Banco Beg S.A.
Banco BGN S.A.
Banco BM&F de Serviços de Liquidação e Custódia S.A
Banco BMG S.A.
Banco BNP Paribas Brasil S.A.
Banco Boavista Interatlântico S.A.
Banco Bonsucesso S.A.
Banco Bracce S.A.
Banco Bradesco BBI S.A.
Banco Bradesco Cartões S.A.
Banco Bradesco Financiamentos S.A.
Banco Bradesco S.A.
Banco Brascan S.A.
Banco BTG Pactual S.A.
Banco BVA S.A.
Banco Cacique S.A.
Banco Caixa Geral - Brasil S.A.
Banco Cargill S.A.
Banco Cifra S.A.
Banco Citibank S.A.
Banco Citicard S.A.
Banco CNH Capital S.A.
Banco Comercial e de Investimento Sudameris S.A.
Banco Confidence de Câmbio S.A.
Banco Cooperativo do Brasil S.A. - BANCOOB
Banco Cooperativo Sicredi S.A.
Banco Credit Agricole Brasil S.A.
Banco Credit Suisse (Brasil) S.A.
Banco Cruzeiro do Sul S.A.
Banco CSF S.A.
Banco da Amazônia S.A.
Banco da China Brasil S.A.
Banco Daycoval S.A.
Banco de Lage Landen Brasil S.A.
Banco de Pernambuco S.A. - BANDEPE
Banco de Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Brasil S.A.
Banco Dibens S.A.
Banco do Brasil S.A.
Banco do Estado de Sergipe S.A.
Banco do Estado do Pará S.A.
Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S.A.
Banco do Nordeste do Brasil S.A.
Banco Fator S.A.
Banco Fiat S.A.
Banco Fibra S.A.
Banco Ficsa S.A.
Banco Fidis S.A.
Banco Finasa BMC S.A.
Banco Ford S.A.
Banco GMAC S.A.
Banco Guanabara S.A.
Banco Honda S.A.
Banco Ibi S.A. Banco Múltiplo
Banco IBM S.A.
Banco Industrial do Brasil S.A.
Banco Industrial e Comercial S.A.
Banco Indusval S.A.
Banco Investcred Unibanco S.A.
Banco Itaú BBA S.A.
Banco ItaúBank S.A
Banco Itaucard S.A.
Banco Itaucred Financiamentos S.A.
Banco J. P. Morgan S.A.
Banco John Deere S.A.
Banco Luso Brasileiro S.A.
Banco Mercantil do Brasil S.A.
Banco Modal S.A.
Banco Opportunity S.A.
Banco Original do Agronegócio S.A.
Banco Panamericano S.A.
Banco Paulista S.A.
Banco Pine S.A.
Banco Prosper S.A.
Banco Rabobank International Brasil S.A.
Banco Real S.A.
Banco Rendimento S.A.
Banco Rodobens S.A.
Banco Rural Mais S.A.
Banco Rural S.A.
Banco Santander (Brasil) S.A.
Banco Simples S.A.
Banco Société Générale Brasil S.A.
Banco Sofisa S.A.
Banco Standard de Investimentos S.A.
Banco Sumitomo Mitsui Brasileiro S.A.
Banco Topázio S.A.
Banco Toyota do Brasil S.A.
Banco Triângulo S.A.
Banco Volkswagen S.A.
Banco Volvo (Brasil) S.A.
Banco Votorantim S.A.
Banco VR S.A.
Banco Western Union do Brasil S.A.
Banco WestLB do Brasil S.A.
Banco Yamaha Motor S.A.
BANESTES S.A. Banco do Estado do Espírito Santo
Banif-Banco Internacional do Funchal (Brasil)S.A.
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Banco Múltiplo S.A.
BB Banco Popular do Brasil S.A.
BCV - Banco de Crédito e Varejo S.A.
BES Investimento do Brasil S.A.-Banco de Investimento
BPN Brasil Banco Múltiplo S.A.
BRB - Banco de Brasília S.A.
Caixa Econômica Federal
Citibank S.A.
Concórdia Banco S.A.
Deutsche Bank S.A. - Banco Alemão
Goldman Sachs do Brasil Banco Múltiplo S.A.
Hipercard Banco Múltiplo S.A.
HSBC Bank Brasil S.A. - Banco Múltiplo
ING Bank N.V.
Itaú Unibanco Holding S.A.
Itaú Unibanco S.A.
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Scotiabank Brasil S.A. Banco Múltiplo
Standard Chartered Bank (Brasil) S/A–Bco Invest.
UNIBANCO - União de Bancos Brasileiros S.A.
Unicard Banco Múltiplo S.A.

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