Deposit insurance Slovakia




Country Savings limit Coverage Valid since Deposit insurance organization Comments and previous amounts
Slovakia Unlimited 100 % 1 November 2008 Deposit Protection Fund Credit unions are not covered




Deposit Guarantee Schemes Abroad

International Associations of Deposit Insurers European Forum of Deposit Insurers
International Association of Deposit Insurers
Austria Deposit Protection Company of the Commercial Banks
Belgium Protection Fund for Deposits and Financial Instruments
Bulgaria Deposit Insurance Fund - Bulgaria
Cyprus Deposit Protection Scheme
Czech Republic Deposit Insurance Fund of the Czech Republic
Denmark The Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors
Estonia Guarantee Fund
Finland Deposit Guarantee Fund
France Deposit Guarantee Fund
Greece Hellenic Deposit Guarantee Fund
Ireland Deposit Protection Scheme
Italy Interbank Deposit Protection Fund
Latvia Financial and Capital Market Commission
Lithuania Deposits and Investment Insurance
Luxembourg Deposit Guarantee Association
Hungary National Deposit Insurance Fund of Hungary
Malta Depositor Compensation Scheme
Germany Association of German Public Sector Banks
Deposit Protection Fund
Federal Association of German Cooperative Banks
German Saving Banks Association
Investor Protection of Public Banks
The German Private Commercial Banks Compensation Scheme for Depositors and Investors
Netherlands The Bank of Netherlands
Poland Bank Guarantee Fund
Portugal Deposit Garantee Fund
Slovakia Deposit Protection Fund
Spain Deposit Guarantee Fund for Banking Institutions
Sweden Swedish Deposit Guarantee Board
Switzerland Swiss Bankers' Association
United Kingdom The Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Canada Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation
USA Federal Deposit Insurers Corporation







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