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How to get a Free PayPal Debit Card in Unsupported Countries-Payoneer

Using the free Payoneer Debit card and a free Virtual US Account to withdraw funds on PayPal is a perfect option for getting Paid.


Withdrawing money from PayPal to Payoneer Pre-Paid Debit Card is now possible using the Payoneer US Payment Service. Holders of PayPal and other select US corporations can now withdraw money from their online accounts to a free Virtual US Account offered upon making an official application to Payoneer Customer support. Funds withdrawn from PayPal take 3-5 days to reflect on the US account and are immediately loaded to the Payoneer Pre-paid Debit Card. The money is then dispensed at any Master Card branded ATM worldwide at a cost of $3.15. The service can be thought as a PayPal credit card.

Eligibility of the Payoneer US Payment Service
Anyone with a valid PayPal account can use the service as long as one comes from a country supported by both PayPal and Payoneer. PayPal supports lots of countries but withdrawing funds directly to a local bank accounts is not always possible. For instance, Kenyans can receive money on their PayPal account but sending it directly to any local financial institution proves hard. This is where PayPal to Payoneer withdraw comes in.

Free Payoneer Debit Card

To start using the service, one must apply for a Payoneer Pre-Paid Debit card . The card reaches the applicants physical post office box after 21 working days. It is then activated by logging on Payoneer’s website and inputting the Card number together with the desired Pin. It is highly advisable to submit accurate full names that appear in a state issued identity card to avoid confusion during the application.

Secondly, one must either have a working PayPal account or open a new one at Note: Both the Full Names on the Payoneer and PayPal accounts must exactly match what appears on the legally issued government ID card. To get the full advantages of PayPal, it is recommended to open or upgrade to a Premier account . This will avoid the money sending and receiving limits set on a PayPal personal account.

Linking PayPal Account with Payoneer
Users who are in possession of the Payoneer Pre-Paid Debit Card and the PayPal account are required to send an email to Payoneer ( and request them to open a Virtual US Account for them. The supports staff gets back to applicants within a short period and requests for the following; last 4 card number,scanned color ID,personal website (if any). Also they will inquire about the services that one currently offers or intend to give on the internet . The name of the company (e.g PayPal)that users intend to receive payments from is required in order to activate for the Payoneer Customer Support to activate the PayPal to Payoneer service.

Getting approved
Once the Payoneer team receives the application, they will review and completely approve it within the shortest time possible. They will then send the following details to successive applicants:

The Name of the Virtual US Bank
Routing Number of the Account &
Account Number
Users need to add the details exactly as they appear under the bank accounts once they log on their PayPal account to get this amazing service that works like a PayPal credit card.

Withdrawing Funds
After receiving a payment in a PayPal account, all what is required is login in and withdrawing the funds via the newly added Virtual US Account. It is very easy since it involves clicking the "Withdrawal Tab" and hitting a link that shows the bank name and filling a text box with the withdrawal amount required. Once the details are filled and submitted, PayPal will send an email that they are transferring the money. Funds will then,be sent to the Virtual US Account within 3-5 business days. When received, the money will be automatically loaded to the Payoneer Pre-paid Debit card within seconds. Users can then dispense the cash from any Master Card Branded ATM worldwide at a cost of $3.15.

Fees & Legality
The service is legal if one comes from a country supported by PayPal. False information while applying for Payoneer or PayPal online payment systems is against their terms and policies. Payoneer may charge a one time $9.95 for activating the card after making the first withdrawal but the Virtual US system is free. Users are charged 1% to send money from PayPal to Payoneer. Therefore the service is by far the best online payment method and hooking with it is like having a PayPal credit card power at your disposal.

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