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Landolt & Cie

Landolt & Cie, Banquiers
Rue du Lion-d'Or 6
Case postale 2272
1002 Lausanne

Tel: (+41.21) 320 33 11
Fax: (+41.21) 323 94 25
Swiss Clearing Number: 8768
Postal Account: 10-1260-7



The History of Landolt & Cie spans more than two centuries of wealth management and has forged a continuous link between the generations since its foundation in 1780. Landolt & Cie is one of Switzerland's oldest Private Bankers. It is a member of the Swiss Private Bankers Association and is governed by Swiss Federal Bank Law.

Landolt & Cie has been implanted for centuries in the town of Lausanne on the shores of Lake Léman and places prime importance on building long-term relations of trust with its private banking clients.

Today the bank's roots extend beyond the head office in Lausanne to Geneva, the major center of global private banking, and Crans-Montana, a resort known for a certain art of living that attracts guests from around the globe.

Landolt & Cie is, and will always be present only in Switzerland. It can thus remain true to its values, which have withstood the years and are founded on the finest Swiss banking traditions. In doing so it protects the interests of its international clients, wherever they may be in the world.

The bank is made up of men and women who are passionate about their profession and who share the same values. They are dedicated to ensuring that Landolt & Cie's philosophy is respected in terms of ability to listen, objectiveness and independance.

As of 1780, Landolt & Cie, the oldest private banker in French-speaking Switzerland, set about creating a world of enduring values, expressed through its philosophy and way of managing its clients' wealth. Thinking and acting differently, on basis of mutual respect. Generating returns for its clients through a deep understanding of their aspirations.

From its earliest days, Landolt & Cie has devoted itself exclusively to managing private wealth. And so it will continue. That is its force and its difference.

In a relationship built on trust and absolute discretion, Landolt & Cie analyses its client's needs. Listening, advising, planning and foresight are the essential skills that it brings to its mission. The most appropriate wealth management solutions are thus proposed to the transparent approach.

In the interests of integrity, Landolt & Cie has chosen not to develop its own financial products. Its independent analysis of the various products on the financial markets enables it to offer completely objective advice.

This open architecture, and the firm's global, flexible approach, enable Landolt & Cie's advisors to compose a highly personalised service adapted in every detail to the expectations and aims of its private banking clients.

Landolt & Cie, true to the great tradition of Swiss private bankers, is dedicated to offering its expertise in wealth management to Swiss and international private banking clients. That is its sole mission. And thus its difference.

The bank is distinguished by its ability to listen and its total discretion, which strengthen the quality of its relations with its clients. it strives constantly to adapt is highly personalised services to the clients' expectations and needs, so that they may profit more fully from market opportunities.

Acting in strict compliance with the rules laid down by the Swiss banking system, and armed with the bank's advanced technology, the portfolio managers define a precise investment strategy that will evolve as required. The solutions proposed ensure an optimal balance between risk and reward in line with the strategy agreed upon with the client.

The privileged, enduring relations that Landolt & Cie forms with its clients enable it to cater with equal care for those who wish to participate more actively in the management of their portfolio. The bank will then place ate the client's disposal all the human and technical ressources needed to obtain the best possible performance in the light of his personal goals.

Source: http://www.cperformance.com/landolt.htm


Source http://www.swift-switzerland.ch


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This is a list of SWIFT codes. SWIFT codes are designated to banks in countries around the world by SWIFT, to assist in electronic banking affairs. There are over 7,500 "live" codes (for partners actively connected to the BIC network) and an estimated 10,000 additional BIC codes which can be used for manual transactions. ISO 9362 (also known as SWIFT or BIC code) is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes approved by the International Organization for Standardization.


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