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FAQ Saint Vincent Banking Offshore


Which is the Bank name I will open the Bank account?


Contact us and we will provide you the Bank details including address and contracts to open the account.

Bank is Member of MasterCard International Card Association and a Member of S.W.I.F international interbank network


Multicurrency bank accounts in EUR, GBP, CHF and JPY.


Can I open a Caribbean offshore bank account for my company?

Yes, if you are incorporating a company with us we can assist you with offshore banking. We are affiliated with offshore banks and can assist you with a priority corporate account.



I have already incorporated an offshore company, are you able assist with an offshore bank account?

Yes, we can assist your business company get offshore bank accounts for companies .

What is the standard initial deposit for opening an account?

You can open an account with low initial deposit, like $1,000.

Can you guarantee me that you can open me a bank account ?

We cannot make any guarantees to open an offshore banking account. Banks can refuse opening an account for many different reasons. Certain business activities for example, may be allowed in one jurisdiction for a company formation, but banks may have prohibited activity lists that differ. Most offshore banks will not open an account for the following activities :

Online Casinos

Adult Websites


Insurance Companies

Banks, Mutual Funds and Trusts.

If you are concerned, please contact us to verify whether your activities will be restricted or approved by the bank.

Do I have to go to the bank to open my account?


No, the banks we work with will accept all account opening documentation via courier and also offer full internet banking facilities, which make offshore banking really easy.

The bank will request that you provide an apostille set of corporate documents on the company. On each Shareholder and Director they will ask for a notarized passport copy, proof of address and that you have previously held and currently hold a bank account (Bank Reference). They will also require a description on the nature of your business and/or source of funds you are about to place into the bank account.

Do offshore banks provide credit/debit card facilities?

Yes, MasterCard and Visa are available.

What name will appear on my credit/debit card?

The name that appears on your offshore banking account can be either be the Company Name and Signatories name, or just the Signatories name only.

Can I have an anonymous credit/debit card?

No, this is not possible.

Do the banks issue cheque books?

No, this is not possible.

Do your offshore banks offer internet banking?

Yes, full internet services are available with all our affliated offshore banks.



Which are the Cards available?

Bank provides two kind of debit cards: Maestro Cirrus and a MasterCard. The MasterCard works on a credit platform so it is fully operational on internet and over the phone as well as POS and ATM's.

Which is the currency of the Card?

The card works only in USD$ but Bank do have multi currency accounts, so clients can transfer internally funds to the card from other currencies.

Which is the maximum to load on the card?
There is no maximum as the cards are linked to a bank account. However Bank reserve the right to request supporting documentation (source of funds) for credits of more than $5,000.


Caribbean Offshore Banking FAQ - Corporate Bank account - Personal Bank account - Information about Saint Vincent - Order Service/Contact us - Free Debit Card Paypal SolutionOther Offshore financial resources -


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